Artisanal sausages and smoked meats made with locally-sourced ingredients.


Natural, organic and healthy.

No additives, no fillers and no msg.

No bullshit.

Smoked Meats
About Rad Meats

Rad Meats was born out of a desire to introduce artisanal sausages and smoked meats done right. We use only the best ingredients, locally sourced, in our products. All our sausages and smoked meats are packed with bold flavors and a surprising twist. Try it, get hooked. 

Natural and organic,
fresh and smoked

We specialise in a variety of smoked meats, currently smoked sausages and bacon.

We also added fun and unique twists to our smoked meats! We offer a sweet and savory Chocolate Rubbed Bacon, and a thai ingredient inspired "Maple Burbon" Bacon!



Spice up your day with our bold-flavored


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